While incorporating the elegance of "Ki", the beauty of "Ki", and the "Ki" of feelings, which are the origins of the brand name, into the expression, the beauty of genuine pearls is combined with the following keywords. We propose the direction of.

Brand Concept

Presence of pearl

It expresses the beauty of the shape, luster and color of pearls, and the characteristics of real pearls that are born from water (shellfish that live in the sea or freshwater).

Simple, modern and friendly

We want modern women to wear genuine pearls on a daily basis in a simple and easy-to-use modern expression.

Elegant and Japanese

Although it is simple and friendly, it incorporates Japanese aesthetics as one of the expressions, such as the goodness of pearls and the "dignity" of women who want to be beautiful.


The qikara pearls are made from the highest quality Akoya pearls. Has a track record of manufacturing pearls since 1972 Pearl Jewelry Ito, Inc. Based on the experience cultivated in, we will strive to wear the highest quality pearl jewelry on a daily basis.

Quality analysis

Teri Light Interference

shine Brightness

strongest Very Strong
strength Strong
During ~ Midium
weak Weak

Interference color Iridenscent Color

Pink green system

Scratches and surfaces Inperfection & Surface

Fine Very Slightly
Small Slightly
Many Some

Body color (body color) Body Color

White system

Shape Shape

Round system